May 2019
Maria Elena gets awarded a multi-PI PRIN grant from the MIUR (Italy)
August 2019
Lily defends her PhD thesis and moves to Genentech in Casper Hoogenraad's lab
November 2019
Francesca becomes Fulbright Specialist 
February 2020
Julie gets awarded with a 3 year grant from the Alzheimer's Association
April 2020
Julie gets awarded with a Fellowship from the Italian Academy at Columbia University
September 2020
Francesca is a visiting professor at the First University of Rome "La Sapienza"
November 2020
Francesca is promoted Associate Professor at Columbia University
January 2021
Maria Elena's paper is published in PNAS 
February 2021
Maria Elena's paper is featured at CUIMC and the University of Naples Federico II
July 2021
The Lab has moved to the 14th floor! We are now located in P&S 14-460

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